Nevada Dental Health Services
Nevada Dental Health Services
How Our Dental Plan Works

A Reduced Fee Dental Plan for Individuals, Couples & Families

Is this plan the same as dental insurance?
Nevada Dental Health Services is not insurance. It is a dental plan in which our dental providers have agreed to provide plan members with dental services at reduced fees.

Who is eligible to enroll?
Single individuals, domestic partners, married couples and their dependents are eligible. Dependents are eligible up to the age of 26 years (regardless of whether the dependent is attending school, living outside the parents’ home, or married). Membership may be continued for a dependent over the age of 26, if the dependent is incapable of self-sustaining employment by reason of developmental or physical handicap. Parents or guardians who would like to enroll children or dependents on their own plan may do so.

What if I have another dental plan?
Nevada Dental Health Services may be utilized only by those patients that do not have a dental insurance policy.

Is Specialty Care included?
Yes. Nevada Dental Health Services covers both general and specialty care, such as Endodontics and Oral Surgery.

Will I still get my 5% discount for paying cash?
No. The fees are discounted; no additional discounts will be added.

Membership Enrollment Options


One Year Two Years
Member Only $95 $150
Member + 1 $145 $230
Family (Member + 2) Maximum of 3 $190 $300
Seniors (Over 62) $62 $100

*Two year plan includes a 20% discount on membership fees.

How Do I Join?

• Call Us at 775.423.7400

• Email us by completing the form on this page.

• Visit our Offices
1241 South Taylor Street
Fallon, Nevada 89406

• Submit Your Application by Fax
Download and complete our application and fax it to:

• By Mail
Download and complete our application and return it to:
Nevada Dental Health Services
1241 South Taylor Street
Fallon, Nevada 89406

Program Benefits

• Effective immediately
• Reduced fees for all dental procedures
• Specialty treatments are covered
• No deductibles
• No claim forms
• No frequency limitations
• No annual or lifetime maximums
• No waiting periods
• Pre-existing conditions are always covered

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